so I finished Rogue Squadron and here is my review

Corran Horn, y’all

short men are sexy

Rhysati/Nawara forever

the whole thing with Ooryl’s name is super cool

for some reason I’ve always imagined Tycho as blond, but he’s described as having brown hair

also, I fan cast Gina Torres with blond highlights as Rhysati because that is how I’ve always pictured her, I don’t know why


“When the only tool you have is a hydrospanner, every problem looks like something that needs to be torqued.” Corran Horn (via joellesolo)
  • Leonia Tavira: [through comm speakers] You! You were the Jedi at Courkrus!
  • Corran Horn: At your service. I'd like to introduce Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, and Mirax Terrik and... but, wait, we're on our way to see you. Introductions are so much nicer in person.
  • Leonia Tavira: How dare you!
  • Corran Horn: Oh, I dare. New Republic will be here in no time. The days of the Invidious are over.
  • Leonia Tavira: Never!
  • Corran Horn: [laughs] By the way, the month's not up, but the answer is no.
  • Leonia Tavira: Arrgghhh! When I get my hands on you...
  • Mirax Terrik: In your dreams, deary. [shoots comm unit] Empire's been dead for years, and still she relies on those limping Imperial threats. 'When I get my hands on you!' Get with the times, woman..."
  • Luke Skywalker: I like your Mirax a whole bunch, Corran. [smiling] And you're right, she and Mara should never meet.
“Mara: “The Emperor would have considered you a sentimental fool who deserved to die.”
Corran: “I’ll remember that next time I dance on his grave.”” (via nullarc11)
  • Corran: You can't stroll up to every reactor going supercritical and walk away again. You aren't immortal, and you aren't invincible. So far your quick thinking and strength in the Force have just barely managed to counterbalance your recklessness. But one day, the fraction is going to tip on the other side of the line. Maybe it already has. If you don't come to terms with that, you're going to get a nasty surprise.
  • Anakin: Everyone gets a nasty surprise someday. I'd rather get it standing up than lying down.
  • Corran Horn: It all comes down to the nature of evil, doesn't it? Evil is selfishness, while good is selfless. If I take an action that benefits me, only me, and hurts others, I am evil. If I do what must be done to prevent harm to others, if I become the buffer between them and evil, then my actions will be good.
  • Elegos A'Kla: Your intentions will be good. Without consideration and forethought, however, your actions could still be evil. That is the problem, of course, evil is always easy, and restisting it is never so. Evil is relentless; and anyone, if they tire, if they are not vigilant, can fall prey to it.
  • Corran Horn: And there will be situations where opposing evil may result in harm coming to the innocent.
  • Elegos A'Kla: It does happen, yes. Life is not without pain, but life concerns itself with how we handle that pain, or joy, or confusion or triumph. LIfe is more than time passing before death, it is the sum and total of all we make of it. Decisions may not be easy, but many is the time when not making a decision, not taking an action is worse than a poor decision. Evil flourishes where it is not opposed, and those who are able to oppose it must to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

A twitter account that posts inspirational (sometimes) Star Wars quotes? Hell yeah.


A twitter account that posts inspirational (sometimes) Star Wars quotes? Hell yeah.

  • Tahiri: That's funny.
  • Corran: Funny ha ha or funny we're about to die?
“Here goes Rogue Nine, following the unit’s tradition of accepting suicide missions with a smile.” Corran Horn (via joellesolo)

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