This is how I explained the Legend of Drizzt series to my friend Kristine.

Sounds about right….


This is how I explained the Legend of Drizzt series to my friend Kristine.

Sounds about right….


“Do you ever dream, my friend?” Jarlaxle asked.

“Everyone dreams,” Entreri replied. “Or so I am told. I expect that I do, though I hardly care to remember them.”

“Not night dreams,” the drow explained. “Everyone dreams, indeed, at night. Even the elves in our Reverie find dream states and visions. But there are two types of dreamers, my friend, those who dream at night and those we dream in the day.”

He had Entreri’s attention.

“Those night-dreamers,” Jarlaxle went on, “they do not overly concern me because there is nowhere for them to rise. But those who dream by day … those, my friend, are the troublesome ones.”

“Could Jarlaxle not consider himself among that lot?”

“Would I hold any credibility at all if I did not admit my troublesome nature?”

“Not with me.”

“There you have it then,” said the drow.

He paused and looked to the west, and Entreri did too, watching the sun slip lower.

“I know another secret about daydreamers,” Jarlaxle said at length.

“Pay tell,” came the assassin’s less-than-enthusiastic reply.

“Daydreamers alone are truly alive,” Jarlaxle explained. He looked back at Entreri, who matched his stare. “For daydreamers alone find perspective in existence and seek ways to rise above the course of simple survival.”

Entreri didn’t blink.

“You do daydream,” Jarlaxle decided. “But only on those rare occasions your dedication to … to what, I often wonder? … allows you outside your perfect discipline.”

“Perhaps that dedication to perfect discipline is my dream.”

“No,” the drow replied without hesitation “No. Control is not the facilitation of fancy, my friend, it is the fear of fancy.”

“You equate dreaming and fancy then?”

“Of course! Dreams are made in the heart and filtered through the rational mind. Without the heart …”


“And only that. A pity, I say.”

“I do not ask for your pity, Jarlaxle.”

“The daydreamers aspire to mastery of all they survey, of course.”

Promise of the Witch-King (via fuckyeahjarlaxle)
“There are hundreds of adventurers searching for those treasures."
“Of course,” the drow conceded, “but none of them know how to look as well as I.”
“I could take that two ways.”
Jarlaxle put one hand on his hip, turned slightly, and struck a pose. “And you would be right on both counts.” Promise of the Witch-King (via fuckyeahjarlaxle)
“She is a formidable one," he said when Jarlaxle appeared at his side a moment later.
“Dangerous and full of fire,” Jarlaxle agreed.
“I might have to kill her.”
“I might have to bed her.” Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri, Promise of the Witch-King (via fuckyeahjarlaxle)
“When did you presume to so manipulate me?"
“Manipulate?” Jarlaxle gave a little laugh. “Why, my friend, is that not the nature of our relationship? Mutual manipulation for personal gain?” Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri, Promise of the Witch-King (via fuckyeahjarlaxle)
“To the Nine Hells with both of ye," Gentleman Briar growled.
Entreri looked to Jarlaxle, who merely shrugged and said, “I have already been there. Hardly worth a return visit.” Servant of the Shard (via fuckyeahjarlaxle)
“He will be a good ally," Kimmuriel said to Jarlaxle…"As long as we never trust him."
A wistful and nostalgic sigh escaped Jarlaxle’s lips as he replied, “Just like home.” The Pirate King (via fuckyeahjarlaxle)
“The drow scoffed. “I made no such agreement.”
“They are dragons.”
“And one is a fine lover. That changes nothing.”
Entreri shuddered at the thought, which of course only made Jarlaxle smile all the wider.” On fucking dragons. Road of the Patriarch (via fuckyeahjarlaxle)
“Because I love you as a brother, I pray that you will one day fathom the truth of it all, my friend."
… “I know how drow love their brothers.” Jarlaxle to Artemis Entreri, Road of the Patriarch (via fuckyeahjarlaxle)

Jarlaxle Pick-Up Lines


"I would tell you my name, but let’s be honest, in the heat of the moment, you will mispronounce it.”

"You look nervous. Have you been told that drow bite? I can assure you that it is absolutely true."

"I have my reasons for going about at night, and hatred of the sun is very low on that list."

"I fucked a dragon."

"I fucked a dragon several times.”

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